Another Conservative Speaker Is Inexplicably Blocked From Berkeley College

It’s almost as if the “enlightened” class of California’s Berkeley College are frightened by words and thoughts. They’re soon to devolve to grunts and howls as a means of communication, given the air-tight nature of the bubble they live in.


In the latest show of intolerance from the tolerant left, the University of California, Berkeley have refused to host a speech by conservative writer/commentator, Ben Shapiro.

Maybe the college brass are a bit intimidated and suffering from the trauma of the Antifa thuggery that ripped apart the campus in 2016, as they protested the notion of a speech by shameless self-promoter, Milo Yiannopoulos.

I won’t shed many tears for Yiannopoulos. I could rail on endlessly about his demerits, and all the reasons nobody should take him seriously and then still expect to be called a “conservative.”

That being said, I wouldn’t burn down a college to keep him from speaking.

Earlier in 2017, Berkeley likewise cancelled a speech by Ann Coulter, citing security concerns.

So what’s the problem with Ben Shapiro? He was on the campus in April 2016 with no issues.

Shapiro, unlike Yiannopoulos and Coulter, is not a “bomb thrower.” He’s amazingly informed, reasonable, and always delivers compelling content when he speaks.

The left are supposed to be the diversity crowd, right?

I don’t think that word means what they think it means.

The appearance by Shapiro was coordinated by the Berkeley College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation, but they were told on Wednesday it wouldn’t be happening.

As YAF reports:

In an email to BCR members, Dean of Students Joseph Greenwell and Student Organization Coordinator Millicent Morris Chaney denied the students’ request for a venue for September 14, 2017, despite what the Morris Chaney calls “extensive efforts.”

Berkeley had earlier explained, “Ben Shapiro is welcome on our campus, and we are committed to supporting his, and your, rights to free speech.”


So what’s going on that will prevent the Shapiro event?

Who knows? To date, they haven’t given a list of any events going on that would make any campus venues unavailable.

If they have actual security concerns, maybe they should just say: We’re scared.

As has been pointed out, however, Shapiro is not a bomb thrower. He’s not a provocateur. He’s just a really interesting speaker.

If it’s a security issue, it’s not Shapiro they’re afraid of. It’s the atmosphere they have had an active hand in fostering that they’re now afraid of. This is a case of their own monster turning on them.

Shapiro told YAF, “Using ridiculous pretexts to keep conservatives from speaking is unsurprising but disappointing. We’ll find a way to get this event done, and UC Berkeley has a moral and legal obligation to ensure we do so.”

To date, there has been no word on rescheduling efforts.





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