Yes, Kathy Griffin Got A Visit From The Secret Service (And It's Not Over)

Well, what did you expect, lady?

Personally, I was fine with Kathy Griffin’s apology after her ill-advised publicity stunt in late May, where she posed with a replica of a bloody, Trump-like head.


She seemed to realize pretty quickly that she had misinterpreted the bounds of her ability to pull off “dark humor” without it coming across as a terroristic threat.

We’re in the age of ISIS and you just about have to assume every other person you meet on the street has some sort of personality disorder, these days, so really, really dumb, Kathy.

Then, of course, she held that tearful press conference immediately after, painting herself as the “victim” and killing off any goodwill of those (like myself) who were willing to accept her apology and let it all blow over.

She enlisted the aid of lawyer Lisa Bloom and wailed that Trump and his family were trying to ruin her career.

She did lose her gig with CNN, and her comedy tour was cancelled.

And she’s also being investigated by the Secret Service.

Because that’s what happens when you make allusions of assassination against the president.

Ask Ted Nugent.

Griffin first gave a nod to the investigation last week, with a tweet to TMZ:

It’s my understanding that TMZ boss, Harvey Levin is a lawyer, not a comedian, so he probably knows enough not to post pictures of himself with a severed presidential head.


I’m just saying, Kathy…

On Tuesday, a reporter seemed to confirm an ongoing investigation into Griffin’s activities and intent.

And let’s be fair: Kathy Griffin is not part of a larger network of assassins, intent on murdering President Trump. She’s a low-level celebrity, who saw an unpopular, controversial Republican president as an easy platform to give her career a boost.

If she were more than that, she wouldn’t have advertised it so clumsily.

I don’t know how long these things normally last, but it’s a good lesson in consequences for her, and everyone else.

We’ve got to bring the temperature down. Our nation can’t withstand so much hatefulness.


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