OOPS: What Caused Trump Supporters To Go NUTS Over NPR's Independence Day Tradition?

See? This is why people have a problem with the Trump faithful.

On Tuesday, NPR continued on its three decades-long tradition of having different hosts and personalities read the Declaration of Independence on the “Morning Edition,” as a celebration of Independence Day.


Along with the reading, in 140 character bites, the NPR Twitter account tweeted out this founding document to the masses.

And as this document was likely reviled and rebuked by the British, it would seem the redcoats have contemporaries. Except it isn’t redcoats that are enraged by the proclamation of independence from the rule of a monarchy. It’s the red caps.

Yes, apparently, words that herald freedom and the resolve of the American spirit seemed to set off some of the Trump faithful, as they promptly began to attack NPR, connecting the text of the Declaration of Independence with mutiny against President Trump.

*Language alert*


You don’t have to ask. A severe face-palm is appropriate, here.

And it goes on:


From RawStory:

The Declaration of Independence was originally written by Thomas Jefferson, and was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. It laid out the 13 colonies’ intention to separate from the Kingdom of Britain and form an independent union. It is not a partisan document.


It is very nonpartisan, and it is America when America was at its best.

How do we ever get back to that place?

A few required Civics classes would be a good start.


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