Huckabee Breaks With Trump, Warns That Senate Healthcare Bill Could Be "Major Blunder"

In this Jan. 31, 2016, photo, Republican presidential candidate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks at Inspired Grounds Cafe in West Des Moines, Iowa. Huckabee says on Twitter on Feb. 1, 2016, he’s ending his run for president. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

Well, this is new.

I have to wonder if Mike Huckabee really thought this through, as his current opinion on the Senate healthcare bill puts him opposite of President Trump, who Huckabee has become a loyal toady to, in every respect.


Where President Trump has praised the Senate’s version of an Obamacare replacement bill (and we’re not even going to play around with the word “repeal,” because it’s not), Huckabee sees trouble ahead.

Said Huckabee:

“Something that is worse than not getting it down quickly is getting it down wrong. And I think they could be on the pathway to making some major blunders,” Huckabee said on Fox Business Network.

And it wouldn’t be Mike Huckabee without some really embarrassing, lame joke or story to make his point:

“If this were a fairy tale, it would be ‘Goldilocks and the three bills’ — ObamaCare, the House version and the Senate version. And at this point, none of them are ‘just right.’ They are all are either ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ and in part because both sides are looking at this trying to make it an ideological bill rather than a practical, pragmatic bill,” he continued.


How about trashing it all and going back to what we had before? Government-funded healthcare is not a human right. It isn’t covered in our Constitution, and government meddling has done more to damage our healthcare system than fix it.

“If the end game is to save money, then the Republicans might be on the right track. But that’s not the game Donald Trump campaigned on and it is not the endgame that Americans care most about. They want access to affordable and realistic healthcare,” he said.


No, Trump campaigned on full repeal.

He lied.

“I think Republicans are going to have to suck it up and say, ‘This isn’t going to get a lot cheaper, it can’t, it won’t,’ ” Huckabee said, adding that the legislation “doesn’t say what the end game is.”

Health savings plans, allowing citizens to buy across state lines… just saying.

Huckabee also cautioned that the costs of Medicaid and other provisions under the healthcare bill would financially hurt states across the U.S.

“Unless you give some cost controls on the Medicaid program it will bankrupt every state,” he added.

And he’s absolutely right, for a change.

States that are hurting economically can’t afford to jack up taxes, in order to fund expanded Medicaid.

I notice that Huckabee left Trump’s approval of the new bill conveniently out of his lecture, here. It may be loyalty, or it may be the realization that Trump has no idea what he’s approving. He just wants something done, so he can say he got rid of Obamacare, even if the “fix” he signs off on is no better, or bears no relation to the repeal the American people were promised.



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