FAMILY BRAWL: It's Hannity Versus Coulter in a Censorship Brouhaha

Rooting for injuries, here.

It started with a Thursday night appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show by author/speaker Ann Coulter.

Coulter was only one of a night full of Trump loyalists, none posing any danger to the echo chamber Hannity has built around himself.


For those who have been paying attention for the last several weeks, you know Coulter has been grumbling over what she sees as failures on Trump’s part to live up to the hype she, Hannity, and others pimped about Trump in the run up to the election.

She’s been doing near-daily countdowns of the days without a wall, for instance.

Apparently, that’s not all that has her miffed, and she made a prediction about her appearance with Hannity, earlier in the day.

She’s referring to Trump’s Iowa rally, where he told an adoring crowd that he didn’t want poor people working certain jobs, as an excuse for his hire of Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn (you know, the “swamp”) to his administration.

It was an interesting prediction on Coulter’s part, and one that apparently came true.

Did she mention Cohn, at all? This is the clip of Coulter’s appearance, and to be honest, I had to listen several times. There’s something so odd about the flow, that it’s apparent that someone did a really bad job of editing.


Coulter was right. Any mention of Cohn and his swampy addition to Trump’s administration is absent.

Hannity took to social media to call out Coulter for blasting him out to the world.

I can’t feel sorry for either one of them. Hannity has claimed to be on the receiving end of the censors, himself, and he wasn’t thrilled, either.

Time constraints, Sean.

Does anyone really want to watch a 45-minute interview with you?

It’s an amusing bit of sideshow to the bigger picture of public figures and talking heads that have chosen to become propaganda pimps, over impartial, reasonable observers of the state of our nation.


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