LISTEN: Rush Limbaugh Attempts to Defend Himself Against Accusations of Selling Out

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Rush Limbaugh is gone.

Many have realized that for some time, and his shtick has long since worn thin. I personally gave up on him during the primaries, when conservatives had such a wealth of good choices to go with as nominee, but Limbaugh began gushing like a 13-year old girl at a One Direction concert over Donald Trump… the bottom of the bottom of the barrel!


Limbaugh’s show has devolved into a long, ridiculous fan club newsletter for Trump, and it’s hard to imagine anybody still hanging in with him, unless they are either part of Trump’s MAGA club, or they’re just a glutton for punishment.

On Wednesday, Limbaugh used his show to scoff at the notion of an “alt-right,” and to suggest that he was being labeled “not conservative” for not trying to take Trump out.

Victimhood used to be something we (conservatives) accused leftists of wearing like a cloak.

To begin with, the alt-right is a thing, Rush. An ugly, twisted, anti-conservative, anti-liberal, anti-intellectual thing. Trump spoke directly to their confused minds, and brought along their pied piper, Steve Bannon, to keep them dancing on the end of a string called “nationalism.”

Like a pack of slobbering, wild dogs, Trump tossed them chunks of meat, and they proceeded to tear up everything in their path.

Limbaugh, like other so-called “conservative” voices had the platform to speak out against the race to the bottom that Trump and his madness represented. He chose not to, however. Instead, he, Fox News, and too many other talking heads immediately abandoned principle and reason to board the Trump train.

Limbaugh even went on to say on his Wednesday show that he saw no one in that vast bench of talent at the beginning of the primary season who could beat Hillary Clinton, which is so much bull. Hillary Clinton was a wretched, horrible candidate. This was our election for the taking.


From the moment he saw Trump riding that golden escalator down to announce to the world (and the actors paid to stand around and act as if they were excited by his announcement), said Limbaugh, he knew Trump was the one candidate who could beat Hillary.

The Never Trump crowd, according to Limbaugh, were actively rooting for Jon Ossoff to win the Georgia 6th District special election, and as somebody who stands firmly against Donald Trump and his corruption of the Republican party, I don’t get where he’s coming from.

I certainly thought Handel was in trouble, but I wasn’t actively rooting for the liberal, either.

And yes, Rush. Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to conservatism. Or at the very least, the worst thing to ever be connected to conservatism. Because he’s not a conservative.

And you’re not a conservative. You’re an opportunist, and a mercenary.

You’re also a major disappointment.


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