Kellyanne Conway Slams Congress for Worrying About Midterms

Kellyanne Conway Slams Congress for Worrying About Midterms

It’s like the sole job of Trump’s surrogates is to go on national television and say really, really dumb stuff.

As is the habit of the Trump administration, it’s time to point the finger at everybody else, while showing a breathtaking lack of self-awareness.

Kellyanne Conway appeared on “Fox and Friends” this morning, and decided it would be a good time to slam Congress for thinking of the 2018 midterms.

“They shouldn’t be thinking about next year’s midterm elections,” Conway said on “Fox and Friends.”

“Here’s why, if you do your job well, you get reelected. If people feel like you’ve had a positive impact on their lives, and you put together the solutions, you put them forth and you pass them the way the president is doing, then your will get reelected,” she continued.

Conway’s comments are confusing, in light of the fact that we’re halfway through 2017, and as she said, midterms are next year. Congress has to not only try to cobble together an agenda that works, but they have to think about getting reelected in what amounts to a few months, in order to be in a position to keep working on that agenda.

By comparison, the presidential election isn’t until 2020. Her boss hasn’t been in office but around 160 days or so, and he’s already running for reelection. Shouldn’t she be making that suggestion to him, first?

Conway also said lawmakers are not accustomed to moving at President Trump’s pace.

“Washington moves at a very different pace than a disrupter and a businessman like Donald Trump,” she said.

“When he says drain the swamp, it’s not just get rid of all of the crocodiles in the water that we don’t need there, it’s also moving at a different pace.”

A disrupter? I’d say that’s accurate – and not in a good way. But let’s not sell Trump short. He’s proven more than willing to fill the swamp with crocodiles.

I get that Conway’s job is to act as the administration’s cover, but her jab at Congress is ridiculous. If she cared about accuracy, she’d rightfully be hitting Congress for wasting time on a repeal and replace bill for Obamacare that nobody wants. They should repeal first, then work to set things back the way they were.

As for her boss, he’s definitely got his own problems prioritizing. Conway is obviously hoping nobody will notice.

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