Amid Chaos, The Best of Our Representatives' Humanity Emerges


After today’s tragic and chaotic scene on a D.C. ball field, there are still many unanswered questions. I’m sure as the day goes on, we’ll know more about those who were injured, the shooter, and his possible motivations.


For now, however, let’s take comfort in those things done right.

For instance, Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks’ quick thinking, in using a belt for a tourniquet, to staunch the bleeding of a staffer who’d been shot in the leg.

Or Democrats halting their own baseball practice, and taking time to pray for their Republican colleagues (and this should be a daily practice, on both sides, before ever taking step into the halls of Congress, each day).

Then there was Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who thought about Rep. Steve Scalise’s wife, at home, possibly not realizing what had just happened to her husband.

Said Flake:


“I got Steve Scalise’s phone and called his wife. I didn’t want her to wake up and hear the news, not know what was going on,” Flake told reporters.

Flake recounted that Scalise was shot while playing the field at second base during batting practice. He said Scalise remained there until the shooting was over, when lawmakers and staff ran to assist him.

“He was coherent the whole time, but he laid out there for at least 10 minutes alone,” Flake added.

It is at times like this when mettle is tested, and our representatives have stepped up to show a unified front.

Tomorrow, somebody is going to disappoint us. Some won’t wait that long. But for now, in this moment, let’s just take comfort in the fact that a worse tragedy was thwarted and true heart and humanity seem to be winning the day.


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