New Poll: After Comey Testimony, Do Voters Believe Trump Should Be Impeached?

I don’t see this happening this year, but that didn’t stop Public Policy Polling from asking the question.

When asked about the “I” word, 47 percent of those voters polled are in favor of impeachment proceedings to commence against Donald Trump. Another 43 percent oppose impeachment.


Also in the poll:

Trump’s approval rating sits at 41 percent in the new poll, with 52 percent of voters disapproving of job performance. Thirty-six percent of voters think that Trump has delivered on his promises while 56 percent say he has not.

Trump also scored low marks in the poll for his ongoing feud with fired FBI Director James Comey. Fifty-one percent said Comey was the more trustworthy of the two men, while just 39 percent said Trump was. And just 13 percent said the FBI’s chief should do whatever Trump tells them to do, while 77 percent disagreed.

That’s an interesting number and it was likely influenced by last week’s testimony by Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Also, it is not ok to body-slam reporters.

Trump voters responded to that question with 45 percent saying it is not ok to body slam reporters, although 42 percent said it was.

Only 6 percent of self-described Hillary Clinton supporters thought it was ok to body slam reporters, compared to 89 percent who said that was a no-no.

As it tends to be with Public Policy Polling, they keep their sample sizes relatively small, so you can take the results with a grain of salt, if you like.

They polled 811 registered voters between June 9 and 11.


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