Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Answer For Comey Testimony This Week

Perhaps this can be seen as round two of the controversial James Comey testimony this past week.

During the course of his testimony, the former FBI Director mentioned his conversations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Specifically, he mentioned that he had asked Sessions not to allow him to be put in a position where he was left alone with President Trump, anymore.


He also mentioned Sessions, as well as Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner lingering, before being sent from the room, in order to allow the president to privately ask Comey to let the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn go.

Now Sessions will get his opportunity to answer questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee, as it pertains to his part in Comey’s testimony.

Sessions was originally supposed to testify in front of the House and Senate Appropriations subcommittees this week but said in a statement that he will send a deputy to that hearing instead after hearing that lawmakers would question him about the investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump administration.

“In light of reports regarding Mr. Comey’s recent testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, it is important that I have an opportunity to address these matters in the appropriate forum,” he said in a statement.

After Comey’s open testimony on Thursday, he sat for a closed door meeting, where he suggested there may have been a third meeting between Sessions and Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak that was undisclosed.

Sessions recused himself from any dealings with the Russian investigation after it was discovered that he had several meetings with Kislyak that he did not disclose during his confirmation hearings.


It appears that the meetings were within the scope of his office as a U.S. Senator, but he still chose to recuse himself, in order to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

The move was said to have enraged Trump, who blames Sessions for the Russia probe expanding to the level that a special investigator, Robert Mueller was brought in.

Attorney General Sessions will sit before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, June 13. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will take his place before the Appropriations subcommittee.


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