Office Of Special Counsel Warns Trump Aide: No More Attempts At Election Interference

Because you don’t do that.

Dan Scavino should consider this a warning shot (and he should have known better).

Back in April, Scavino tried to rally the Trump tribe to take out Rep. Justin Amash, for not being appropriately acquiescent to Trump.


In his Fice-like exuberance, he overlooked the Hatch Act, a law that keeps certain government employees from interfering in political activity.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) noticed Scavino’s tweet and filed a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel (OSC).

Now the OSC has responded.

“Mr. Scavino has been advised that if in the future he engages in prohibited political activity, while employed in a position covered by the Hatch Act, we will consider such activity to be a willful and knowing violation of the law,” a letter from OSC to CREW this week reads.

That’s a smack on the hand.

“The rules are clear that government officials aren’t allowed to use their position for campaign activity,” CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder said in a statement Friday.

“OSC has made clear with this ruling that they are going to enforce these important rules and work to keep the government free from inappropriate politics,” he said.


Justin Amash currently rates 100 percent on the issues with FreedomWorks, 91 percent with Heritage Action for America, and a 96 percent Liberty score with Conservative Review.

If we were to use those same scorecards to measure against Scavino on the issues, or even Trump, how close would they get to the record Amash has?

In other words: Ignore Scavino, Michigan. He doesn’t have your state’s best interests at heart.


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