Former RNC Chairman On Trump: Who Wants To Sign Up For Crazy?

Former chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele has a description of Donald Trump: He’s cray-cray.

Actually, what Steele said is that Trump is struggling to find staff and people to step into positions because he’s “crazy,” and nobody wants to work with him.


Michael Steele said potential White House employees were put off by an environment in which aides are “flying by the seat of their pants”.

“The talent pool is shrinking, because who wants to sign up for crazy?” added Mr Steele, who served as chairman of the Republican National Committee between 2009 and 2011.

“Nobody wants to step into a situation where you’re flying by the seat of your pants and don’t know whether what you just said will hold up from one news cycle to the next,” he told The Hill. “Nobody is going to be lining up for positions with that much uncertainty.”

He’s got a point.

Anybody keeping score has seen Trump send out members of his press team or cabinet, only to contradict them and say the exact opposite thing within a day or two.

Rumors abound that Trump does not listen, will not take counsel, and in general, thinks he can run his administration like a reality TV show.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Mike Dubke, communications director, will be leaving his post after only three months.

Also, George Conway, husband to Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway, was up for a role with the Justice Department, as Civil Division chief. On Friday, he announced that it wasn’t the right time for him to leave the private sector, so he removed his name from consideration for that plumb role.


And there were numerous names in the running for James Comey’s old job as FBI Director, but one by one, people have begun to back out.

Those are just a few of the people who have left or refused a role. That’s not including those who were forced out or may be let go. Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus both are rumored to be on the chopping block.

Mr Steele has previously said that he does not believe Mr Trump will make it to the end of his four-year term in office and that current Vice President Mike Pence will be Commander in Chief by 2020.

That’s not speculation that is unique to Mr. Steele. A lot of people are wondering if Trump will be able to withstand a full four years of stress and responsibility, beyond just being the goofy Manhattan reality star, with a famous comb-over.

That’s kind of what happens when the people become so dulled to commonsense and sober reflection of duty that they elect a national punchline to be president.




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