He'll Do It: Assange May Soon Use Hannity's Show To Promote Anti-American Ideology

I told you earlier today about just how far Sean Hannity’s desire to ingratiate himself to anti-American operatives has led him.

While playing up the “friend to the troops” act, he happily reached out to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, and the guy he once wanted jailed for endangering U.S. service members by revealing troop movements and critical U.S. intel through the file sharing site.


Fast forward to the current day, and WikiLeaks’ role in toppling Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions has made Hannity forget all about his earlier opinion, or the American lives that were put at risk.

WikiLeaks seems overly preoccupied with bringing down America’s government. U.S. intelligence has suggested they work hand in hand with Russia to do it.

In recent weeks, Hannity has referenced Assange while promoting a baseless conspiracy theory that suggests slain DNC staffer Seth Rich was the person who provided a large cache of internal emails to Wikileaks, and later murdered in connection for the supposed leak. There is no evidence to support this assertion, and police have said Rich was likely the victim of a botched robbery, but Assange stoked the flames of the conspiracy theory in an interview in which he said his sources often take “very significant risks” to provide information to Wikileaks. On his television show Tuesday night, Hannity promised to keep looking into the debunked theory and said he’d have an announcement “sooner rather than later.”


He’s Hannity’s new hero, and now he’s looking into taking Hannity up on his offer to fill in for Hannity on his radio show.

“I’m looking into it,” Assange said in a Twitter direct message. “My physical circumstances means that nothing is easy.”

Assange is in exile in Ecuador, hiding out from sexual assault charges in Sweden.

But, hey… what’s a little sexual assault and anti-American machinations?

Hannity is willing to loan out his platform to promote that. We can only draw the conclusion that his own patriotism is skin-deep, at best.


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