Hannity Hits New Low: Offers Platform To Anti-American Provocateur


So devoted to conspiracy theories and protecting the Russians is Fox News’ Sean Hannity, that now he is willing to give over his three hours of airtime on his nationally syndicated radio broadcast to a man U.S. intelligence believes actively colludes with Russian players to bring down the U.S. government.


Hannity is below any level of ethical or moral redemption, at this point.

Julian Assange is no hero.

It was WikiLeaks that splashed information all over the internet that revealed troop movements and U.S. intelligence secrets that put the lives of U.S. military members at risk.

Assange has sought to weaken the effectiveness of our government on the world stage, time and again.

But because WikiLeaks helped Trump by shaking up the Democrats’ election party in 2016, Hannity has put them on a pedestal.

This particular Twitter user framed it all perfectly.

Hey, Sean… You’re scum.

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