Through Me You Pass Into The City Of Woe...

And from the depths, a hand, glowing as the very embers of Hell, reached out and pulled the inhabitants into the fiery abyss below.

Not really.


About the time President Trump was setting foot in the Holy Land, a sinkhole was opening up on the street in front of his Palm Beach, Florida club, Mar-a-Lago.


Sinkholes seem to be a thing in Florida. The city took the appropriate steps to secure the 4ft. – by – 4ft. hole.

 The town of Palm Beach issued a travel alert on Monday as a result of the sinkhole, saying crews from West Palm Beach Utilities will be examining the sinkhole throughout the day. According to CBS12 in Florida, one lane of traffic has been closed.

It happened near a newly installed water main, so that may have a lot more to do with it than the gaping maw of Hades demanding sacrifice.

But, seriously, you know people are going to have fun with these things whenever they can, and this begged the internet to respond.

It’s just for fun, people, so chill out.

Then again…


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