Poorly Behaved Children At Notre Dame Walk Out On VP Pence's Commencement Address

Rude, and if these ill-behaved youngsters think this behavior will serve them well later in life, they’re in for a shock.

I’m talking about the student group that calls itself “We StaND For.” I’m guessing the capitalized “ND” represents Notre Dame, the school where this disrespectful display was permitted. They’re basically a group of kids who’ve likely never known real struggle – unless you count that one summer Daddy wouldn’t get them the latest Samsung Galaxy – looking for ways to appear socially aware.


Mike Pence is the first Vice President to address the graduating class at Notre Dame, and they’re so wrapped up in their narrative, that they can’t just enjoy the day.

Or better yet, they can’t just let the focus of the day be on those graduates that didn’t fall in line with their worldview.

 We StaND For issued its call for a walk out on Twitter last Monday. “Mike Pence’s policies target the most vulnerable groups in our society,” the group wrote. “Consider showing solidarity with these groups by joining” the walk-out.

They also tweeted out their full call to action.

Staying away would never occur to the selfie generation. It really is about “Look at me! Look at me!”

Sadly, this isn’t some noble effort. It really is an idea they got from social media and reality TV. Protesting seems to be the hot ticket for the day. In two years, they’ll be on to a new fad, like jumping from “Jersey Shore” to “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Don’t believe it?

Take some time to watch the Periscope video they released, in order to get maximum “likes” on Twitter.

Pence had a lovely introduction, only to have these gaggling children go on about whether they should walk out, or stay and boo.


With cell phones in hand, they selfied their way out of the auditorium.

Jackasses, one and all.

It’s hard to tell how many left, but about 140 responded to the Facebook event to say they’d walk out.

Now, the appropriate response from the school should be to get them where they hurt. They do those children no favors by allowing them to go into the real world with that kind of sloppy, disrespectful attitude.

I’m no fan of the president. I think I’ve made that very clear.

However, VP Pence was an invited speaker, there to briefly speak to and congratulate the graduates. He wasn’t there to push policy. He wasn’t there to take command of the day. He was there for the graduating class.

Too bad respect isn’t a course at Notre Dame.


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