Trump And Daughter Ivanka Deliver Dual Big Government Mother's Day Messages

So Mother’s Day was yesterday, and I hope all the mothers out there had a great day with your families.

That being said, let’s delve into the message to the nation our “Republican” President Trump decided to send to commemorate the day.


I actually like the part about investing in community health centers. That needs to happen. Tax dollars that have been spent to prop up Planned Parenthood abortion centers absolutely need to be diverted to those community health centers, which are more easily accessible and offer a wider variety of care, including full prenatal services for pregnant women.

The rest of that bilge, however…

 The letter’s central message, policy prescriptions, and tone all point to first daughter Ivanka Trump, a de facto administration official who has been whispering in her father’s ear about family leave since he first decided to run for the presidency.

As The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro reported last September: “Ivanka was reportedly the motivating force behind this new program. Yes, Ivanka, who wasn’t registered as a Republican in time to vote for her dad in the New York primaries. Yes, Ivanka, who hobnobs with Chelsea Clinton and David Geffen.”

We all know liberal stalwart, Ivanka Trump, holds an oversized influence over her doting daddy, and anyone who hasn’t yet grasped that the true power behind the throne, so to speak, is Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, hasn’t really been paying attention.


In fact, Ivanka’s message for Mother’s Day was this curious bit:

So what do you suggest, Ivanka?

You’re right that women take more time off to give birth and raise children, hence, causing the fabled “gender pay gap” that leftists like to push, but that doesn’t mean there is inequality. It just means they’re on the job less, so they’re not producing as much.

Shapiro went on to say:

If you think that it’s rather atypical for a Republican nominee to suggest a massive new government mandate robbing businesses of their income, even though the free market already provides paid maternity for many women (and paternity leave for men), that’s because you’re just remember wrong. It’s all an illusion…

So now, presumably, businesses will be forced to cover – or taxpayers will – the cost of hiring a temp, a potential decrease in productivity, and the cost of the benefits. The unintended consequence of such laws: young women aren’t hired because businesses are afraid of covering such costs. Also, Trump proposes new income tax deductions for child-care expenses – which is truly just a redistributionist program on behalf of families and lower-income Americans.


Not conservative, and not even in line with what has long been the Republican platform on the issue.

In fact, Trump and Ivanka are tearing down the platform and building a whole new one – one that looks more like big government, liberal scaffolding than anything an actual small government, freedom-minded citizen would support.


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