After Comey Firing, Senator Sasse Issues A Fantastic Public Statement

By now, we’ve all heard about the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

While the left looks at this as some sort of cover up, or attempt to divert attention away from a deeper investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, they forget that it was merely days ago that they were calling for Comey’s head on a platter over his botched testimony, regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails to Huma Abedin.


Which is it, guys?

Should he be fired or should he stay? It can’t be both.

With that said, the reaction from the right hasn’t been as immediate, or as emotional.

Possibly one of the more reasoned, even-handed responses to the news has come from the office of Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse.

Senator Sasse, in a statement, expressed some concern over today’s events, calling Comey “an honorable public servant.” He also stated that he was asking for clarity from the Deputy Attorney General for his recommendation that Comey be fired.

You can read the full statement here:

Simple, smart, honest and sober. That’s how to do it.


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