Chivalry: WikiLeaks' Assange Rushes To Defend France's Le Pen And Hillary Clinton

This man has lost his mind.

Julian Assange, the founder (and probably the sole employee) of WikiLeaks drew a comparison between Hillary Clinton in 2016 and France’s Marine Le Pen, accusing the “patriarchy” of toppling the political ambitions of both women.


Your outfit leaked the Democratic National Committee’s emails just before last year’s election that likely helped Clinton lose!

I mean, sure, she was the worst possible candidate the Democrats could offer, but it would be completely naïve to suggest that those leaks didn’t happen with a purpose.

So let’s get this straight, Assange: Are you the patriarchy?

No, Clinton lost because she was a horrible candidate. Those leaked DNC emails just solidified that she was also incompetent and corrupt.
Le Pen lost because the people of France roundly rejected her message.

Before Clinton and the DNC’s emails were leaked, it was widely known that Assange was not a fan of Hillary Clinton’s. To hear him now defend her is laughable.

Le Pen’s opponent, Emmanuel Macron saw his emails leaked just days before France’s election, as well, but it didn’t help his opponent.

Maybe the problem Assange is having is that he can’t get the same results using the same methods of pot-stirring any time he wants.

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