Hip Granny: Maxine Waters To Highlight Her New Millennial Appeal On MTV

Oh, geez!

Possibly the dumbest Democrat in Washington (and there are several really battling it out), will be presenting an award on MTV’s next movie awards program.


Yes, because Maxine Waters is apparently the new hotness,  she’ll be presenting a “Fight the System” trophy.

Sources close to MTV tell ITK that the 78-year-old California Democrat will appear at Sunday’s annual awards show to declare a winner for “Best Fight the System.” Nominees in the new category include the films “Get Out,” “Hidden Figures,” “Loving,” “Luke Cage,” and “Mr. Robot.”

Somebody taught Nana how to tweet, so she’s getting more notice from the kids, apparently.

Much of that social media support could be among MTV’s audience. Waters told ITK in March that her following on social media was made of up mostly millennials, saying, “They like it when I really confront Trump and talk about impeachment.”

Because, much like Waters, they have no clue what constitutes an impeachable offense.


She also described learning a few phrases from the younger crowd, exclaiming, “Stay woke!”


*Head desk*

I personally don’t want to hear a nearly 80-year old woman saying, “Stay woke!”

I especially don’t want to hear it when she’s supposedly educated and is serving as a representative in our government.

So, to be clear, Maxine Waters is presenting an MTV “Fight the System” movie award to movies about make-believe characters make-believe fighting the system, ostensibly, because she’s a “fighter” against the system.

The reality is, she’s the very worst part of the system everybody wants to fight against.

Stay woke, people.



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