LGBTQ CRAZY: Clemson University Has A Low Campus Pride Index Score

So I’ve been telling you for some time that the goal of the LGBT mafia is not equality, but compliance.

And special treatment, because while they want you out of their bedrooms, they also want you to know that what goes on in their bedrooms makes them better than you.


In the latest episode of gay outrage, LGBTQ students are making demands of South Carolina’s Clemson University.

In particular, they’re all a’titter over having their student group being treated the same as any normal student group on campus.

Um… wut?

In an open letter from students, a “safe space” was demanded for LGBTQ students.

In the letter, which was published in The Tiger, the coalition declares that “a permanent space must be allocated to the LGBTQ+ community” because “incoming LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented students enter campus with the deck stacked against them.”

Because asking them to come into a college environment for the purpose of getting an education and becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of society afterwards is out of the question.

The letter was co-authored by Jessie Bailey and P.J. Price, presidents of the Clemson University Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) and Clemson Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) chapters, respectively, who chastise Clemson President Jim Clements for informing them that there are no plans for such a space, alleging that the treatment of the LGBTQ+ community as “simply another ‘student group’” reflects the “fundamental disconnect between administrators and LGBTQ+ students.”

Because they’re not students. They’re LGBTQ students, so they entitled to extras.


They went on to wail and rage over the low Campus Pride Index rating of the school, or CPI.

So what is CPI?

Yeah, you’ll be sorry you asked.

One criterion used by the index is whether a college offers the option to self-identify sexual orientation, gender identity, name, and pronouns on campus records, while others evaluate the accessibility of gender-neutral restrooms, the number of LGBTQ focused living spaces, the existence of bias reporting systems, and whether condoms and dental dams are freely available to students.

Reading, writing, dental dams.

Sounds like their priorities as students are on the up-and-up, doesn’t it?

The criticism comes in the wake of Clemson’s 2017 Pride Week, which featured a drag show-themed workshop put on by SAGA, and also follows the university’s first “Lavender Graduation” on April 2, which is described as a “ceremony to celebrate the successes and accolades of some of our graduating LGBTQ+ students.”

Like I said – priorities.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

If a school has a low CPI score, that sounds like a plus, to me.


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