Stop Whispering: Jason Chaffetz Really Did Have Surgery On His Foot

I told you yesterday about Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s emergency leave of absence from Congress, as he took time off to have surgery.

Well, as the story only broke yesterday, immediate really was immediate!


It was reported on Thursday night that Chaffetz went into surgery on the same day he told the nation he’d be taking time off.

“Congressman Chaffetz was admitted to University of Utah Hospital for immediate surgery in order resolve a serious complication from a previous injury,” University of Utah Health spokeswoman Suzanne Winchester said in a statement.

“His physician advised him that it was imperative he receive surgical treatment before further complications arose. The surgery was successful and he is now resting comfortably,” she added.

I saw a lot of rumors floating around on social media about Chaffetz and his pop-up announcement, coming so quickly on the heels (no pun intended) of his previous shock announcement, that he wouldn’t seek reelection.

The rumors, at least about this, can be laid to rest.

Get well soon, Congressman.



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