Ivanka Trump's Syrian Policy Rankles The Ire Of Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

It’s like a scene from the old, early-80s miniseries, “V,” where the “visitors” to our planet peel back their faces to reveal the reptilian aliens underneath.

The slow-motion horror of Trump supporters, as the mask of the administration is peeled away and they begin to see the true face of who they voted for – big government liberals, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump – is rather satisfying.


We tried to tell them.

First daughter, Ivanka Trump, who has both Daddy’s heart and his ear, has inserted herself into policy, in a big way, and she’s being quite vocal about it.

That has Trump’s base feeling a bit uncomfortable.

After speaking for her dad’s agenda in Germany, as part of the W20 summit for women’s empowerment (where she was roundly booed for suggesting her dad was a real “family advocate”), Ivanka appeared on the “Today” show and openly expressed her views that allowing Syrian refugees into America has to be something we consider.

This goes against what President Trump and his base have supported, but at this point, nobody is fooled. If Ivanka supports it, she will work on Daddy until he supports it, too.

The reactions from Trump supporters was immediate and as expected, they want baby girl to back off!




This is so perfect.

Some reactions are a bit more cautious, as they consider Ivanka part of the royal family, and as such, immune to criticism. They struggle with their own discomfort over her suggestions, because they don’t want to incur the wrath of the rest of the tribe, due to disloyalty to the crown.


Still, for those of us who are like Roddy Piper’s character in “They Live,” who had the special glasses early and recognized the aliens, right off the bat, this is satisfying.


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