WATCH: Former Cruz Spokeswoman Compares Ivanka Trump To Hillary Clinton

Yeah. Ok. Ouch.

Former Ted Cruz spokeswoman, Amanda Carpenter has some opinions about Ivanka Trump, and to be honest, she’s got a really good point.

Carpenter now serves as a political commentator for CNN. As the panel discussed Mrs. Kushner’s cool reception in Germany on Tuesday, especially after saying her dad was an advocate for families, she offered some hard to dispute realities.


Said Carpenter:

“She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikeable,” Amanda Carpenter told CNN. “She keeps trying to get these jobs that she’s not qualified for based on family connections, and every time when given the chance she’s asked about President Trump’s poor track record towards women, she defends the bad conduct that he has exhibited in the past.”

Well, she should definitely give a better answer than to say, “He listens to me.”

Carpenter accused Trump of saying she’s the first daughter “anytime things get inconvenient for me” and an adviser to the president “anytime I want to get a fancy role at a high-profile conference.”

Honestly, I never followed Ivanka Trump at all, before her dad ran for office. Has she ever taken part in anything like the W20 summit, or been a major player in politics, other than her lavish fund raisers for liberal politicians?

“It’s a joke that our government is holding Ivanka Trump up as a symbol of female empowerment when she’s gotten everything in her life because of her father,” Carpenter continued. “It’s not smart for her to make herself like Hillary Clinton, to pretend that she’s some international icon for women when on the national stage she defends terrible conduct that her father has demonstrated towards women.”


OH! Shots fired!

That’s a fair comparison, however. Hillary inserted herself onto the public stage and into policy, by riding her husband’s coattails, just as Ivanka is doing.

She’s neither an icon or an example, when everything that she has achieved, including her current fame and position are because of a rich, influential daddy.

In an op-ed for Cosmo Magazine, Carpenter nailed it:

“Ivanka will continue to pretend she’s a model for working women, applauding herself for having a ‘seat at the table,'” Carpenter wrote. “Just remember she’s only sitting in that seat because her daddy let her. That’s not the case for the overwhelming majority of working women in America and we shouldn’t celebrate anyone for whom that is.”

Boom. Emphasis mine.

Empowered women make their own way. They don’t get their rich daddies to give them important positions in the same way they’d ask him for a pony for their 10th birthday.


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