Senator Sasse Warns Against Trump Executive Order To Leave NAFTA

It was reported today that President Trump is set to sign another executive order, which would pull the U.S. out of NAFTA.

While some may see it as a bold, pro-America move, others are warning against it.


Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse cautioned Trump against acting hastily, when it comes to NAFTA.

“Scrapping NAFTA would be a disastrously bad idea,” he said in a statement. “It would hurt American families at the check-out, and it would cripple American producers in the field and the office.”

“Yes, there are places where our agreements could be modernized but here’s the bottom line: trade lowers prices for American consumers and it expands markets for American goods. Risking trade wars is reckless, not wise.”

This is true. Competition is what forces producers to not only continuously strive to offer a better product, but to offer it at a more agreeable price.

The order is said to be in draft form and has been submitted for review, with the possibility of appearing within the next couple of weeks.

Trump does not need an executive order to exit NAFTA, as the deal stipulates that parties are allowed to leave six months after written notice to other nations.


Trump has railed against NAFTA, deeming it a bad deal for America, and accusing it of being responsible for “gutting” the nation’s manufacturing industry.

Free trade supporters argue that NAFTA has been beneficial overall and that job loss is more easily blamed on automation and other economic factors.

There’s that.

Maybe after a review, some calmer heads can direct Trump in a more beneficial direction than simply using his pen and grandstanding for headlines.


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