Ivanka Trump Joins World Bank President In Op-Ed Addressing Gender Pay Gap, Women Empowerment

Ivanka Trump and the president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim joined in an op-ed to push for economic empowerment for women.

There’s a guesstimated 170-year timeline for women to close the (debunked) gender pay gap, which is an unacceptable stretch for Ivanka and Kim.


In the Financial Times on Monday, they wrote:

“We need to increase access to finance, redistribute care work, accelerate progress to financial inclusion, and offer programmes that train female entrepreneurs and help them access higher value markets,” the two wrote.

“We need to develop new legal and regulatory frameworks to boost women’s growth and productivity. The right skills training enhances women’s capacity to manage their businesses. And mentorship opportunities and access to networks bring learning opportunities and connections to capital and markets.”

The op-ed cites research that shows billions could be added to the global economy by “creating an enabling environment” for women in the work place.

“Our challenge now is to work together — in public and private sectors — to move decisively to invest in women worldwide,” Trump and Kim wrote.

As a woman, that sounds awesome. Empowerment. I’m all about that.

As a sane person, however, I know that the gender pay gap boogeyman… OOPS… boogeywoman is a myth.

Yes, women tend to be paid less, but it’s the variables, such as the shorter hours they choose, in order to be with their families, or time taken off for maternity leave that accounts for the disparity.


Ivanka and other liberal feminists would have you believe that if Johnny takes a job as a widget maker and Jenny takes a job as a widget maker, both in the same company, that Johnny will be making 33 cents more on the dollar than Jenny.

That’s not reality.

The paychecks may look different at the end of the month, based on how much time they put into making those all-important widgets, but at an hour-per-hour match, the pay is the same.

Ivanka will be attending the W20 summit on women’s economic empowerment in Berlin, later this week.

In the meantime, Prager U has several excellent videos exposing the gender pay gap fallacy.

It’s been shown here before, but it’s worth checking out, again.


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