WikiLeaks To Trump: You Loved Us Once

Total “Fatal Attraction” move, Assange. Not cool.

On Friday, WikiLeaks took a shot at President Trump because, you know, they’re not going to be ignored, or something.

Actually, they were responding to a report that the Trump administration is looking into bringing charges against Assange, as well as other WikiLeaks employees.

That is, if they can find any.

I’ve never actually heard of anyone else with WikiLeaks, except Assange. Have you?

From the Washington Examiner:

Federal investigators said a memo is in the draft stage and they will be looking back as far 2010, when WikiLeaks posted thousands of U.S. Army intel officer Bradley Manning’s stolen files.

The Justice Department also believes it has proof that WikiLeaks played a part in the infamous leak from National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

WikiLeaks has been in the news a lot, lately, as they have targeted the U.S. intelligence community with their hacks, and the release of material they claim reveals CIA methods for remotely turning smartphones and smart TVs into surveillance devices.

Their cheeky response was to tweet out a clip of Trump on the campaign trail, when he declared that he loved WikiLeaks.

That was when WikiLeaks was spilling Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee’s secrets to the whole world.

Like a scorned lover.

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