Rep. McMullin? Evan McMullin Adds His Name To List Of Potential Replacements For Jason Chaffetz

With the announced exit of Rep. Jason Chaffetz from the political scene, that leaves a hole to be filled in Congress.

Enter 2016 long-shot presidential candidate, Evan McMullin.


The Washington Examiner reports:

McMullin confirmed in a Thursday morning email to the Washington Examiner that he had been weighing a challenge to either Sen. Orrin Hatch or Chaffetz in the 2018 Republican primary, and indicated that the congressman’s decision to retire could make a run for the 3rd district appealing.

“I’ve been considering challenging Hatch or Chaffetz, or not running at all in 2018. Obviously, this development today is significant, but there are other important factors. I still haven’t made a decision,” said McMullin. He and Mindy Finn run the group “Stand Up Republic,” which was formed to help gin up conservative opposition to the Trump administration.

Senator Hatch has recently announced that he intends to run for office again – kind of astounding, considering he’s in his 80s and has been in his current position for 40 years – but I digress.

Chaffetz announced Wednesday that he’d not seek reelection in 2018, citing a desire to get “reacquainted” with his family.

A later report emerged that he might just be taking some time off to prepare for a run at Utah’s governorship.

Back to McMullin.

The rumor had been that he wouldn’t just go away after his bid for the presidency. He had further plans, and that seems to be coming to light, now.


He and his running mate, Mindy Finn’s group, Stand Up Republic, states on the “About Us” section of its website:

 Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn founded Stand Up Republic to help Americans stand up in defense of the fundamental principles that have made this country the true home of liberty and a source of hope for many around the world. Stand Up Republic will build and organize a grassroots movement in defense of liberty, equality, and truth in America. Our priorities will be to uphold the Constitution and defend the democratic norms and institutions upon which the protection of our basic rights depend.

Certainly sounds like a campaign pitch.

Others who may be looking to fill Chaffetz’ seat, or were at least mentioned: State Sen. Deidre Henderson, Sen. Curt Bramble, and state Rep. Mike McKell.

With 2018 coming at us quickly, you can expect to hear more over the next few weeks.


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