Don't Cry For Me: O'Reilly Gets A BIG Payout From Fox News

I’ve been unemployed. It’s tough.

Of course, my unemployment and possibly your unemployment look a bit different than Bill O’Reilly’s unemployment.

After the news broke yesterday of the decision to take Bill O’Reilly from the Fox News lineup, there was a lot of talk about the reasons for his dismissal.


I think it’s probably a really safe bet to say that while the sexual harassment charges were troublesome, losing 90 sponsors upped the stakes, considerably.

Today, details of O’Reilly’s “severance pay” have been released.

From The Hill:

Bill O’Reilly is set to receive a payout of up to $25 million after parting ways with Fox News on Wednesday, according to a Thursday report in The New York Times.

That amount is equivalent to one year’s compensation in O’Reilly’s reported four-year, $100 million contract for “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The report notes that for 21st Century Fox, “payouts related to sexual harassment allegations at Fox News now total more than $85 million.”

Get this part – around $65 million of that is from exit packages paid to the men who were released because of the sexual harassment cases.


Five women with charges against O’Reilly were paid $13 million in settlements.

Now, when I say “the men who were released,” I’m talking about two men: O’Reilly and CEO Roger Ailes.

Ailes received a $40 million payout for years of perv-y treatment.

So with Ailes, and now O’Reilly gone, can we expect the women of Fox News to begin dressing like journalists and not cocktail waitresses at a “gentlemen’s” club?

Sorry. That was snarky.

But still…



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