More Chaffetz: He May Not Even Finish His Current Term

More Chaffetz: He May Not Even Finish His Current Term
Jason Chaffetz, the GOP challenger for Utah's 3rd District, waves to passing drivers Tuesday, June 24, 2008, in South Jordan, Utah. Chaffetz is challenging incumbent Rep. Chris Cannon in the state's primary election. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

He just wants to be done, doesn’t he?

We’ve covered Jason Chaffetz’s bombshell news that he will not be running for reelection in 2018.

We’ve covered what may be some of his future plans.

We’ve even covered who may be running to fill his vacant seat.

So here’s a new one: He may not even finish this term.

 Chaffetz told KSL News Radio’s Doug Wright that he may not finish out his full term through 2018. But he said he’s still debating the decision amid uncertainty over how Utah would establish a process to replace him early.

“I will continue to weigh the options, but I might depart early,” Chaffetz told the Utah radio host on Thursday.

Chaffetz has said that he has spent too much time away from his family and he wants to spend more time with them, which is not a bad thing, at all. Politics is really stressful business, and whether it was the Benghazi investigation, or the recent string of disruptive, aggressive town hall protesters, it can take a real toll on a person’s mental and emotional well-being.

His departure is all the more unusual given that the 2018 midterm elections are still 19 months away and that he’s one of the most ambitious and high-profile committee chairmen on Capitol Hill.

Had Chaffetz chosen to stay in Congress, he could have served as Oversight chairman through 2020 under the House GOP’s rules that limit members to three terms atop committees.

An early departure would also set in motion a race to succeed Chaffetz on the powerful committee. Aides to Oversight Committee members declined to say Wednesday if they were interested in running for the chairmanship.

It’s a curious development, no matter the reasons, so stand by for the inevitable political musings and possible leaks.

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