Trump And Ivanka To Call Record-Breaking Female Astronaut In Space

She persisted?

President Trump and daughter Ivanka will be making a call to congratulate a record-breaking female astronaut at the International Space Station.

 Astronaut Peggy Whitson has been aboard the space station since Nov. 19, 2016. She will break the record Monday for spending the most days in space, according to a NASA news release.

“She is the first woman to command the space station twice, and holds the record for most spacewalks conducted by a female astronaut,” the release reads.

NASA astronaut Jeff Williams previously held the record, spending 534 days in space.


This is part of Ivanka Trump’s push to promote STEM education in schools.

“Women make up 48 percent of the workforce but only 24 percent of STEM professionals,” she said. “I dare you to beat these statistics.”

The call will be carried live on NASA’s official website, as well as their Facebook page, beginning at 10 am EST, on Monday. It’s expected to last about 20 minutes.


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