TEXAS ALERT: Is Ted Cruz's Senate Seat In Jeopardy?


When Senator Ted Cruz is battling to keep his Senate seat in Texas, it’s time to go all-hands-on-deck.

The 2018 mid-term election is still a year away, but early poll results are showing Cruz in a race that is too close for comfort, when it comes to these two Democrat challengers: Rep. Joaquin Castro and Rep. Beto O’Rourke.


According to the statewide poll numbers released Wednesday by Texas Lyceum, Castro gets 35 percent support of Texas adults in the potential matchup, while Cruz gets 31 percent.

And in a matchup between Cruz and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), the two are tied with 30 percent.

Texas has long been called the reddest state in the nation. No Democrat has taken a Senate seat in Texas in three decades.

During the presidential primary, Senator Cruz easily bested his GOP rivals in his home state, taking 43.8 percent of the vote, as opposed to Trump’s 26.7 percent and Senator Marco Rubio’s 17.7 percent.

It seems, however, that a general dissatisfaction with Trump’s performance may have bled down and poisoned the GOP well.

The poll also found President Trump underwater in job approval, with 54 percent disapproving while 42 percent approve.


Oddly, the number of those who feel the nation is on the wrong track is slightly down from a year ago: 52 percent, as opposed to 63 percent in 2016.

For the record, Rep. Castro has yet to announce that he intends to challenge Cruz in the senate race. O’Rourke, on the other hand, jumped in last month.

The poll was conducted from April 3 to April 9, with a sample size of 1,000 respondents. It has a 3.1 percent margin of error.


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