The Anne Frank Center's Fake Outrage Is Forcing Me To Defend Sean Spicer

Has everybody got up to speed on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s latest gaffe?

Just a quick recap, while making the case for the tomahawk strike against Syria last week, Spicer slipped in a Hitler reference, saying even Hitler wasn’t vile enough to use chemical weapons in war.


He left out the really big issue of those gas chambers used by the Nazi army to kill millions of Jews and Poles.

Spicer then stumbled over his own clarification, as he clumsily tried to say he meant with planes.

Ok. I think we can all agree that Sean Spicer is horrible at his job.

The Anne Frank Center jumped all over this. You knew there were going to be those professional grievance mongers who couldn’t resist.

They released this statement, calling for Spicer’s firing.

Ugh. Liberals.

They’re forcing me to defend Spicer.

Right up front, the statement from the Anne Frank Center is disingenuous, at best.

I have a particular problem with this part:

“Sean Spicer denies Hitler gassed Jews during the Holocaust.”

They put it in all caps, so you’d know they meant business.

At no time, during Spicer’s tongue-tied, clumsy delivery did he deny Hitler gassed Jews.


Hey, guys, this is a denial:

“Hitler never gassed the Jews.”

What Sean Spicer said:

“Even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons.”

For those who aren’t sitting on “Go,” waiting for something to be outraged about, it’s a goofy guy overlooking a key flaw in his assessment.

By now, nobody should be shocked when liberal groups grab on to nothing and turn it into a major event, complete with breathlessly worded press releases, urging that somebody take action.

Sean Spicer should probably be fired, but for completely different reasons than yesterday’s bungled press conference.



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