The Alt-Right Has Found A New Cuck To Hate: It's Donald Trump

By now, the news of the Tomahawk strike against Syria’s Shayrat Airfield – the base from which it is believed Bashar al-Assad launched a deadly gas attack against his own people – has been well-consumed by media and the public.


It was a strike that many felt was long overdue. Former President Obama drew a “red line” against allowing Assad to stay in power, but then meekly backed away from it.

Tuesday’s gassing of Syrian civilians, which killed around 70 people, many of them children, was the last straw for the new administration.

As news of last night’s strike made its way from mainstream media to social media, the reactions were mixed, and somewhat surprising.

People who were skeptical of Trump, at best, were praising him for orchestrating a long overdue military response to a tyrant.

But then there were his loyalists – the red cap wearing, Pepe the Frog pimping, Nationalist, MAGA crowd. A great many of them were not pleased, to say the least.

One comment I read said, “Great. Now he’s Obama.”

And I did LOL.

For many of them, their apprehension of last night’s events began immediately after Tuesday’s gas attack.

Even while the media was assaulting us with heartbreaking images of Syrian children either dead or fighting for breath, some of Trump’s most faithful backers had already revved up the conspiracy mill and were pumping out their theories faster than their followers could keep up.

These were the alt-right nutcases that made Donald Trump during the run up to the election. They went from being just random internet kooks to actual engines of policy, promoting Trump’s every crazed, barely intelligible speech on the campaign trail.

And Trump ate it up.


Trump is no stranger to pushing conspiracy theories, whether it be his birther theories about Barack Obama or his oh-so-casual promotion of the idea that Ted Cruz’s dad was somehow connected to Lee Harvey Oswald and President Kennedy’s assassination.

Make no mistake, these are his people.

And now his people are losing their collective minds.

Even before last night’s strike, the usual suspects began a furious “false flag” push, signaling that Assad was not to blame for the deadly gas attack, but that either it was staged by the “fake media,” or Syrian rebels had launched the attack, themselves.

Alex Jones, the rabid Trump-apologist and founder of unhinged conspiracy site, InfoWars, began beating the drum on Wednesday, implicating George Soros-funded groups for staging the gas attack.

In the earliest morning hours of Thursday, Mike Cernovich, the leaking pustule that is responsible for such tripe as saying “date rape” doesn’t exist, along with assorted other vile crap bombs, offered his take on the Syrian situation, blaming the attack on the “deep state” boogeyman.

That was followed by a Thursday morning video release from WikiLeaks, supposedly from a Syrian activist, who made the case that the gas attack was probably from Syrian rebels, rather than Assad’s regime.



We won’t even get into the strongly held belief by many that WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange are just tools for the Kremlin.

When the actual strike by 59 Tomahawk missiles was announced, the devastation wrought on the MAGA army was likely more palpable than what happened on the ground in Syria.

Pro-Trump strongholds on 4Chan and Reddit lit up through the night, with posters vacillating between condemnation of the move and some reasoning that perhaps this was just Trump’s way of making Syria safe, so that those refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war would not come this way for refuge.

This is still fresh and the complete fallout may not be realized for days, but I have to say, watching the MAGA trolls attempt to swallow their own heads is a rather entertaining byproduct of an otherwise serious situation.




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