Justin Amash's Perfect Answer To Trump Advisor Calling For His Primary Defeat

Our Mickey White covered the Twitter attack on House Freedom Caucus member, Justin Amash, by one of President Trump’s establishment attack dogs, earlier.

Justin Amash is not impressed.


In fact, Amash’s response is to (rightly) point out that the swampy establishment types Trump railed against while playing American Hero before the election are the very ones he’s propping up, now.

And all while attacking the conservatives who want to shrink the government and put the power back into the hands of the people.


And accurate.

This fight began when Trump and his establishment hacks failed to drag the conservatives of the HFC on board with the cumbersome, big government, non-fix Obamacare repeal bill.

The bill failed to get enough support, so Paul Ryan pulled it before allowing a vote.

Since that time, Trump has signaled that he’ll work with Democrats to get his agenda passed, and has vowed to destroy conservatives like Amash and Mark Meadows through the primary process.


Scavino slithering out from under his rock to flex his establishment creds against Amash is just one of a handful of shots fired in what is to be a battle between actual small government conservatism and Trump’s pro-swamp trolls.

Amash’s hashtag needs to catch on – #Trumpstablishment – because that’s exactly what this is.


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