AMAZING: Sean Hannity Briefly Breaks From Trump To Defend Party Unity


I’m pretty sure this was done with great internal struggle, and probably required intense cuddle therapy afterwards, but Sean Hannity, President Trump’s favorite boy over at Fox News, actually spoke up about Trump’s feud with the conservative wing of the Republican party, and he didn’t automatically agree with Trump.


I’m stunned, myself.

During Hannity’s Thursday night monologue, he addressed Trump’s tweets, which took jabs at the House Freedom Caucus members who rejected the GOP Obamacare replacement bill.


 Hannity argued the Freedom Caucus is not to blame here, saying that the bill was “flawed from the beginning.” He said while he doesn’t know who in the White House is pushing this line against the caucus, he feels it to be “misplaced” because they want a win on this too.

He concluded his monologue by saying that right now the focus needs to be on House leadership bringing together every single faction of the party in the name of unity and finding a consensus on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

We know who is pushing against the conservatives, Sean. It’s Steve Bannon and President Trump.

Because they’re not conservatives and conservatism is not their goal.

It was a stunning moment to hear Hannity take a break from his normal schedule of sucking up, and to speak briefly with moral clarity.


Then he brought Newt Gingrich into it and totally lost the moment.

The two ended up blaming Paul Ryan and the legislators, which isn’t wrong, but this:

Gingrich agreed that it was a “congressional failure, not a presidential failure.”

At one point he said “the establishment is working overtime to drive a wedge” between Trump and the Freedom Caucus in an attempt to push the president “towards the center.”

Trump is ultimately always the victim, isn’t he?

He’s a big boy, and were he anchored in any firm ideological principles that weren’t completely self-serving, nobody would be able to lead him where he didn’t want to go.



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