After Trump Twitter Attack, Freedom Caucus Member Has A Quick Response

Excuse me, while I point and laugh.

After President Trump did his Twitter thing this morning, where he took a shot at conservative lawmakers with the House Freedom Caucus (as discussed by Jay, here), Caucus member, Representative Justin Amash (R-Mich.) did his own tweeting.


It didn’t take long for Trump to morph into the establishment guy he railed against on the campaign trail.

I’m sure the cognitive dissonance for the MAGA berserker crew is great.

All of this is in response to the failed Obamacare replacement bill, which was shelved after it became obvious that the votes just weren’t there to push it through.

Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) had tried to woo skeptical members of the Freedom Caucus, with White House meetings and a bowling session with Trump. Yet no deal could be struck, as the lawmakers balked at a bill that they believed did not go far enough.

In the aftermath, Trump has blamed Democrats, none of whom backed the bill, as well as Freedom Caucus members.

He shouldn’t have expected Democrats to support it, simply because of partisanship.

With conservatives, however, he should have spent more time at the table, rather than on one of his golf courses, and heard their concerns, then worked to come to an actual agreement for repeal, rather than making minor alteration to the original monstrosity and expecting conservatives to go for it.

Amash’s tweet was right on the money, and he got a quick assist from Rep. Thomas Massie, a Libertarian out of Kentucky, who tends to flow in the same direction as the House Freedom Caucus on issues.


If nothing else, Trump has signaled that if those who supported him and helped him get to office actually wanted to break the establishment, it won’t be happening in this administration.

Trump is an establishment, status quo kinda guy.

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