Don't Blame Trump: Repealing Obamacare Was More Of A Ted Cruz Issue

So, who gets to shoulder the blame for the crash-and-burn of the GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill?

So far, I’ve heard the House Freedom Caucus, for their steadfast refusal to accept a plan that looked like a big, fat, welfare check.


Paul Ryan, of course, as House Speaker and avid proponent of the nightmare, as written.

Trump blamed the Democrats for not just forgetting they’re Democrats, forgetting everything that went on during the election, and running to embrace a plan that would overturn their hero, Barack Obama’s signature legislation.

I’ve even heard the theory that the failure of the bill was actually a complicated scheme of Trump’s, devised to force out Paul Ryan.

Yes. There are people out there who are saying Trump lauded this bill, threatened conservatives over this bill, ran with this bill because he wanted it to fail, in order to make Paul Ryan look bad.

To that end, there are people also saying that Trump never really put a lot of stock behind ending Obamacare, and that that was really more of a Ted Cruz thing.


Yep. On Anderson Cooper’s CNN show, “Anderson Cooper: 360,” former Trump communications strategist, Jason Miller, stated that repealing Obamacare was more Ted Cruz’s promise, not Trump’s.

Other Trump apologists on the panel backed him up, asserting that Trump’s main talking points centered around national security and the border.


We know the wall was a big issue, but there is no doubt that Trump repeatedly promised that he would repeal and replace Obamacare, starting on day one.

He was adamant about it.

Frankly, most of the Republicans running in that overcrowded 2016 field wanted to see Obamacare gone, and I have no doubt they still do, but making it happen will not be as easy a fix as some of the issues we see fixed over a half hour on reality TV.

For anyone to say Trump’s hands are unblemished by this, they’re not living in the real world.

I’ll spare you the indignity of having to sit through the whole thing, but the fun begins at about 7:20 into the video.


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