CRAZINESS: Secret Service Nabs ANOTHER White House Fence Jumper

Seriously. People have lost their minds!

And I’m going to say at the top, tensions in this nation were unduly ramped up by former (feels so good to say that) President Obama’s passive-aggressive, hateful, racially charged rhetoric.


No. Racial tensions in this nation didn’t suddenly become an issue with Donald Trump. Barack Obama invested a hefty portion of his time in office in making sure everybody felt like a victim, with the main oppressor being those evil white, male, Christian heterosexuals.

Trump’s slice of culpability came in that he acted to exacerbate tensions, with his openly aggressive, hateful rhetoric.

We have a President Trump because of the fatigue of dealing with a racist, social justice warrior for eight years.

I said all that as a backdrop for yet, another story of someone trying to jump the White House security fence.

These jumpers are becoming more bold. This is the third such story in less than two weeks, and we have to assume their intentions are not good.

This latest occurrence happened late Tuesday evening.

The Hill reports:

The intruder tried jumping a barrier on 15th Street around 10:50 p.m. when he became entangled, TMZ said Wednesday.

“[He was] entangled in security features affixed to the top of the fence,” according to the Secret Service, which did not identify the individual.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said it appears the agency followed protocol while apprehending the man.

“He was up there dangling on the fence, and the Secret Service grabbed him,” the House Oversight Committee chairman said.


For all my problems with Trump, as president, and even as a person, I wouldn’t see one hair on his head harmed. Stories like this are concerning, and getting more so, as the incidents continue to happen.

Back on March 11, a disturbed man named Jonathan Tran managed to jump the fence and was on White House grounds for over 15 minutes before being apprehended.

New reports are showing that there were vulnerabilities in the security system. A portion of the fence was missing security sensors. They’d been removed because the sensitivity settings were causing the alarms to be triggered by birds and squirrels.

I can imagine that’s annoying, but it is a problem that should have been addressed in a single day.

With the political climate being as it is in our nation right now, security around our elected officials needs to be taken more seriously. This can’t continue.


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