WikiLeaks Founder Claims Knowledge Of Clinton Plan To Oust Trump In Favor Of Mike Pence

Can we take Julian Assange seriously?

It seems he always has a new document dump or some hint of information, whenever someone begins to question him or his motives.


His latest came in a pair of tweets on Tuesday morning, alleging that there was a plan in place to knock out Trump, in favor of Pence, and that Hillary Clinton was behind it.

In the first of a pair of tweets from an account WikiLeaks said was activited by its founder, Assange claimed that Trump’s 2016 presidential election opponent Hillary Clinton stated privately this month that she is “pushing for a Pence takeover.” He claimed Clinton views Pence as “predictable hence defeatable.”

But she has already been defeated, and she may try, but she won’t be coming back, so how is he, already in office, “defeatable”?

The second tweet alleges two unnamed intelligence community officials “close to Pence” stated privately this month that they are planning on a “Pence takeover.” Assange does not say whether that means they are behind the plans or if they are simply expecting a takeover. He also said the two IC officials didn’t state whether Pence agrees with the takeover.

Trump’s supporters already revile the U.S. intelligence community. This was the last thing they needed.

Assange’s tweets could only serve to turn those supporters against Pence, as well.

At least, that’s what it reads like. He seems to be saying Pence and Clinton are colluding for a takeover of power in Washington.

WikiLeaks has been feeding the tinfoil hat crowd with posts about secret surveillance theories, such as “Vault 7,” revealing details about the CIA’s secret hacking program.


They didn’t need much more motivation to further attack a segment of our nation’s protective forces, as we have learned those most ready to scream about “fake news” are the ones most easily influenced by “fake news.”

Our nation’s intelligence community published a report in January that concluded Russia was involved in hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s emails, in order to dump information that would tip the election in Trump’s favor.

Trump and his camp have disputed the report, just as Assange has rejected claims that WikiLeaks works as a propaganda arm for Russia.

There is no word, as yet, from either Pence or Clinton, as to if Assange’s claims hold any truth. I’m gonna bet no.


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