Sean Hannity's Uncharacteristically Sound Advice For Trump

Sean Hannity has advice for Donald Trump, and it’s not bat-crap crazy, for a change.

Hannity is suggesting that the president purge the executive branch of those political appointees that were part of the Obama-era.


Frankly, I’m shocked that wasn’t the first thing that was done, as in, a total sweep of all those positions that were appointed, and who serve at the leisure of the president.

It is no secret that Democrats are notoriously loyal to their own. If Obama appointed them, you can be sure they are liberal ideologues, and as such, would have more loyalty to their party than the in-coming president.

Invoking President Lincoln, Hannity offered:

“He fired over 75 percent, nearly 1200 people out of 1500 bureaucrats that worked in the executive branch that President Lincoln feared could be disloyal,” Hannity said.

“It’s time now for President Trump to follow Abraham Lincoln’s example and fire anyone and everyone who was actively working against him in government.”

Now is that the cure-all for what the president is going through?

Of course not. If somebody doesn’t cut access to the internet at the White House and take his phone away, the troubles for Trump are going to be unending. He has proven he has no self-control and that can’t be blamed on anyone else.

Still, getting a truly clean slate within the administration, as in ridding himself of any Obama loyalists, could at least slow some of the leaks and may give the administration time to catch their breath before another scandal erupts.


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