Ted Cruz Warns That New Obamacare Repeal Bill Cannot Pass The Senate, As Written

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been rather quiet about the rollout of the new Republican bill that aims to be the replacement for Obamacare.

The complaint is that this was not the repeal many were asking for, and in fact, were promised. Rather, this nipped around the edges and “amended” Obamacare.

NOT what people wanted.

While Cruz’s “best friend in the Senate,” Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) has already spoken out strongly against the passage of a bill that merely makes adjustments to the disastrous Obamacare law, many were waiting to hear Senator Cruz’s take.

Today, the senator has made a tentative statement.

 “The House bill is a beginning. The House bill as drafted, I do not believe, would pass the United States Senate,” he said.

Cruz, despite his reservations on the House legislation, predicted that lawmakers would eventually be able to reach a deal.

“I believe we can and will repeal ObamaCare,” he told reporters. “I believe at the end of the day we will get to yes.”

As it now stands, if they want this thing passed, it is going to take a massive overhaul.

Sure, the president likes it, but Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and a host of other voices have taken a firm stand against what they see as an unwieldy, troublesome, non-answer to Obamacare.

Cruz noted that he’s in active negotiations with House and Senate lawmakers as well as the administration.

“There is not nearly enough in the House bill to drive down the cost of premiums,” he said. “I [also] believe there [are] significant challenges with the Medicaid expansion provision.”

Senator Cruz is actually having dinner with President Trump tonight.

I’m of the belief that tonight’s dinner is for the purpose of getting Cruz fully onboard, in order that he might address those who are still loyal to him, as he woos the public into acceptance of this monstrosity.

Cruz had better be very careful. He had very little to gain and much to lose, based on the stance he takes now.

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