Rep. Steve King Suggests A "Rogue Intel Operation" Could Have Wiretapped Trump

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) seems to think that U.S. intelligence being involved with the wiretapping of Trump Tower isn’t that big of a leap to make, if you consider it may be some rogue element of intel.


King came to Trump’s defense, after many have slammed the president for making claims about former President Obama ordering the wiretapping, while offering no evidence to back it up.

“That doesn’t necessarily prove that there wasn’t a rogue intel operation going on that wasn’t encumbered by, or just decided not to be encumbered by, the legalities,” King said in an interview with Iowa’s Sioux City Journal.

The Iowa congressman cited a slew of news articles claiming that U.S. officials had obtained a warrant to review contacts between Trump Tower and a Russian bank, according to the Sioux City Journal. But no U.S. news outlets have independently verified the claim that a Trump Tower server was under surveillance.

He went on to offer that perhaps President Trump wasn’t referring to Obama, specifically, but was speaking in the broader sense of the Obama administration ordering a wiretap.

He also explained that maybe Twitter was responsible for keeping Trump from saying everything perfectly.

“Twitter gives you a limited space of 140 characters. But it gives you also a little bit of latitude to double entendres. … There sometimes can be a secondary or tertiary meaning,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

I still like Michael Reagan’s idea.


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