Michael Reagan's Sound Advice For Trump And His Staff

Somebody forward Michael’s comments to the White House.

During a Monday interview, Michael Reagan, oldest son of President Reagan, had some sage advice for the Trump team.


It’s actually the same advice so many of us have been saying since Trump took office: Take Twitter away.

Said Reagan:

“Unless Donald Trump has rock solid evidence, he doesn’t need to be tweeting these things out,” Reagan said. “By the way, he should also be telling his staff he’s going to be tweeting things of this nature out. If I was a member of his staff right now, I’d be breaking his thumbs. That’s what I would be doing to stop him from tweeting behind our backs with things that are in fact going to change the narrative of what’s going on.”

I suggested yesterday that somebody cut out his Wi-Fi, but breaking the thumbs is good, too.

“Look at last week — it was a great week for him on Tuesday when he spoke to a joint session of Congress. Everything was going his way. Everything was positive, and he changed the narrative with his tweets,” Reagan continued.

He’s speaking about Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of the Obama administration wiretapping the phones at Trump Tower.

It was reported that after Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a news conference and recused himself from any possible investigation into Russia’s involvement with Trump staff, that took some of the focus off of Trump’s solid performance before the joint session of Congress, and that Trump was furious.


The wiretapping claims may have been to draw focus away from Sessions.

“It was absolutely stupid politically, and I’m sure his staff is trying to figure out what in the world do we do to stop him from using those thumbs at 6 a.m. in the morning, any morning that’s going to change a positive narrative for this administration,” Reagan added.

It actually started during the 3am hour, Michael, but you’re right.

Trump’s Tuesday night address earned him the title “presidential,” for the first – and possibly the last – time since he began his run for office.

Even liberals seemed impressed.

Michael Reagan has generally been supportive of Trump, but as with many, having to hit “reset” on the start of this administration has become far too tiresome.



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