Trump "Feeding The Conspiracy Parking Meter"

Well, he’s got a point.

As long as we’re talking about Obama possibly wiretapping Trump Tower, we’re not talking about Russia attempting to sway the election, are we?


Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) has also served as an FBI agent and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Before Trump took office, Rogers was one of his advisers on national security issues.

That being said, Rogers is shaking his head (like a lot of Americans) over Trump’s claims of having his phones tapped.

“He just put another quarter in the conspiracy parking meter. They have extended this story for a week, two weeks. Makes no sense to me whatsoever,” Rogers said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“If he had that belief and if he believed that there was some inappropriate behavior on behalf of the Justice Department doing this, then there are internal investigative mechanisms he should have used and called for. Making this a big public fight like this I just think is wrong,” Rogers continued.

Maybe we can write this off to Trump’s inexperience in the political realm, beyond contributing to campaigns.

Maybe we can write it off as not enough sleep, since he’s up at 3am tweeting this madness out to the world.

Who knows? The man is unpredictable.

Whatever the case may be, Rogers points out that the one benefitting the most from this entire maelstrom is Vladimir Putin.

“The only winner in this whole thing has been Vladimir Putin. Everyone — the Democrats are saying that he stole an election, and the president of the United States is saying, ‘Don’t worry about it, he’s a pretty good guy.’ If I were Vladimir Putin, I’d be feeling pretty good right about now,” Rogers said.


Putin has continuously denied being involved in the hacking of Democrat emails before the election, or with trying to aid Trump, in any way.

Trump and his team have denied working with Russia.

So much is coming so fast, is there anybody that knows which one to focus on first?

What galls me the most are those who balk at the conspiracy theories surrounding Trump (like the Russia thing, the multiple women sexually harassed thing, and every other “thing” that emerged before the election), but if you bring up, say… Ted Cruz’s dad was in cahoots with Lee Harvey Oswald before the assassination of John Kennedy – you either get dumbfounded stares, or those who say, “Well, maybe Rafael Cruz DID work with Lee Harvey Oswald!”

Yes. I’ve been getting quite a bit of that, lately, and they wear their hypocrisy as a badge of honor.

Not. A. Cult.


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