Sean Hannity Goes Twitter Ninja On Sen Graham Over Perceived Trump Insult

Good grief, Sean Hannity really is an annoying little suck-up, isn’t he?

Like anyone who has drank deep of the Trumpidian Tang, the mere hint of negative speech against his orange liege sets him off on a tangent.


There seems to be a lot of that going around.

This time, Trump’s most faithful gimp is sniping on Twitter because of an earlier story of a South Carolina town hall, where Senator Lindsey Graham expressed his concern over Trump’s maniacal claims of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower.

It may have happened. It may not have happened. As Jay Caruso pointed out, we’re in “wait and see” mode.

What Hannity missed, apparently, was that Graham was, essentially, taking up for Trump. He wasn’t slamming him. He (rightly) called it a serious matter and promised he would work to get to the bottom of it.

I mean, that’s what we want from our lawmakers, right? If Trump is truly concerned, it would seem that would be what he wanted, as well.

Hannity was apparently responding to a Mediaite story, that seemed to suggest that Graham’s problem was with Trump’s questioning Obama.


That’s not what he was saying, at all.

So what does Hannity do?

He mimics his idol and tweets out something stupid.

Seriously, the election is over. The shelf life on calling yourself “deplorable” has pretty much expired.

It was almost cute, in the beginning, but if you’re still using it at this point, there is something seriously missing from your life.

And whether Graham becomes a Democrat or stays an annoyingly squishy moderate, he wasn’t wrong about this.


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