Obama Spokesman Releases Statement On Trump's Wiretap Allegations

Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for former President Obama, released a statement earlier today, in response to President Trump’s early morning tweetstorm.

In his tweets, the president suggested that President Obama had “wiretapped” Trump Tower, ahead of the November 2016 election.


Trump offered no proof and seems to be relying on an earlier story from Breitbart, that alluded to a plan by Obama to undermine Trump’s presidency.

So far, there is no proof of any tampering or wiretapping.

We’ll just have to wait this one out, because Trump’s 3am tweets cannot stand as the sole evidence necessary to condemn anyone – even someone as generally loathsome and adversarial to the conservative cause as President Obama.

Innocent until proven guilty is a right afforded everyone in this country.
Even those we don’t agree with, politically.


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