Obama Adviser To Trump: Restrictions On Wiretapping Meant To Protect From People Like You

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Earlier today, Jay Caruso talked about Trump drifting over the edge again, and going on a wild rant about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower.

There is no proof, at this point, other than whatever is spilling out of the Yellow Submarine of Trump’s mind.


Do I believe Barack Obama is corrupt enough to try and do something like have an opponent’s home or business “bugged”?

I absolutely do.

Do I think it happened in this case?

Doubtful, but I’m eager to see Trump’s proof.

Ben Rhodes, the former policy adviser for President Obama, took to social media today to respond to Trump’s early morning Twitter accusations.

And as Trump insisted that a good lawyer could make the case that Obama was tapping his phones, prior to the election, Rhodes responded:

Most of Trump’s accusations are based on things he grabs from actual “fake news” sites, like Breitbart or Gateway Pundit.

This seems to be no different.

It was not immediately clear whether Trump had any proof or was referencing a report. Breitbart News on Friday reported on conservative radio host Mark Levin’s claim that Obama executed a “silent coup” of Trump via “police state” tactics. White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon was the executive chair of Breitbart before joining Trump’s team.


And that’s the problem with having a president who is woefully unqualified for the job, neurotic, and surrounds himself with clingers and “Yes” men.

Trump has had a rough start to his term. The accusations of a Kremlin influence over his campaign has everybody a bit on edge, so maybe this is his way of fighting back.

On Friday, he tweeted out a picture of Senator Chuck Schumer with Vladimir Putin, to highlight Democrat hypocrisy regarding Russia.

See? They’ve met with Russians, too!

And there’s a point there. Sometimes you have to interact with foreign leaders.

Regardless, it’s just an irresponsible move to accuse anyone of “bugging” his home or business without substantial proof to back up his claims.

Serious question: Is “bugging” even a thing, now? I thought it was all about hacking, these days.


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