Bruce Jenner Sends A Video Warning To Trump, Atty Gen Sessions, And 99% Of America

Just as a preface to this piece: I don’t play video games, Dungeons & Dragons, or any sort of fantasy/sci-fi nonsense. I may enjoy those types of movies, but I refuse to actively engage in activities that require I pretend to be some fictional character.


I also don’t call men “women,” or women “men,” simply because they tumbled down some social justice rabbit hole and decided biology was fluid (It’s not).

So excuse me while I address Bruce Jenner, and not his make-believe persona, “Caitlyn.” That person doesn’t exist.

I don’t know how many seasons Bruce Jenner was a part of the Kardashian clan’s reality show, but it’s really apparent that his demasculinization happened long before he grew his hair out, painted his nails, and made a desperate lunge for his own reality TV nightmare.

Jenner’s ridiculous reality spinoff series, “I Am Cait” was cancelled in 2016, after two seasons. Having tasted the spotlight, and now probably suffering panic attacks, over the notion that he may have to go back to being the Kardashian whipping boy, he’s attempting to package himself as the face of the LGBT community and is going after his pal, President Trump on issues of importance to that particular special interest group.

I’m almost positive he’s angling for some sort of specialized Cabinet or committee position.

On Thursday, Jenner tweeted a video message to the transgender kids and to President Trump.


Jenner has decided to make the battle over bathroom access his “cause” and is charging forward.

Of all the decisions coming from the Trump camp, thus far, this is one I am particularly pleased with.

The administration has overturned an Obama directive that ordered school bathrooms be made gender free-for-alls, and has allowed for it to be a states’ rights issue.

Jenner targeted Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his video rant:

“Now I have a message for the bullies: You’re sick,” she said. “And because you’re weak you pick on kids, you pick on women or anyone else you think is vulnerable. Apparently even becoming the attorney general isn’t enough to cure some people of their insecurities.”

What he fails to mention is the vulnerable position of women and children in bathrooms across the nation, and the potential for victimization from predators that having gender neutral bathrooms could create.

But then, when someone is so self-absorbed that they think they can change something as definite as biology on a whim, it’s no surprise to see they want the other 99% of society that aren’t afflicted with their particular mental illness to cater to their wants, no matter what.

Jenner also mentioned “Gavin” Grimm, a young girl from Virginia who wants to be considered a boy, so she can use the boys bathroom.


Grimm was prevented from using the boys bathroom by the school board, who, shockingly, listened to the concerns of the other students and their parents.

Trump has actually been more than accommodating to the LGBT community, leaving in place an Obama-era workplace protections Executive Order and reaching out to that group since before the election.

This is just more fantasy posturing from Jenner.

Trump and Sessions were absolutely right to let the states handle this.

And if anyone is a bully, look no further than Bruce Jenner and his LGBT cohorts, who would see our nation’s kids exposed to not only predators, but adult subject matter, far beyond what they are emotionally prepared to handle, simply to force their personal agendas down our throats.



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