Report: Chris Christie Said "No" To Labor Secretary Spot

Remember that meatloaf New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Trump made him order?

It seems it was meatloaf with a purpose.

Apparently, the purpose of the dinner was so Trump could offer Christie the labor secretary post that was left vacant, when Andrew Puzder withdrew his name.


Christie, who backed Trump’s presidential bid early on, served as the head of the president’s transition team until November, when he was replaced by Vice President Mike Pence.

Still, the New Jersey governor and onetime GOP presidential candidate has been the frequent subject of rumors that he could be tapped for a post in the Trump administration.

In an interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly earlier this month, Christie said he was not offered a job in Trump’s administration that would have made him consider leaving his current post as governor.

I actually talked about this several weeks ago.

Do you think it was a case of Christie considering anything short of the VP slot being a downgrade? Maybe he felt being the second string was insulting.

There are also rumors that he will be doing a sports show, so he may have very well decided that once out of the governorship, he’d just like to chill and talk about sports all day.


“The fact is that I wanted to be the governor of New Jersey, and if the president had offered me something that really was compelling me to get to Washington, I would have made the sacrifice to do it,” Christie said.

The emphasis there is mine. It really sounds like he just didn’t consider a secretary position a worthy repayment for months of enduring fat jokes and fetching Trump’s lunch.

I don’t blame him.


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